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01. All students should report to the school before the first bell in the morning.
02. Soon after the first bell students should be in the class on their seats keeping perfect silence waiting for the second bell. The class teacher also will be reaching the class immediately after the first bell. After the second bell everyone should stand-up and get ready for the prayer.
03. Every student must have a copy of the school diary and it must be brought to school on every working day. Every day the students should enter in it the lessons or topics taught in each subject in the class and the home work given.
04. Students should show the diary to their parents and get it signed preferably by the father every day.
05. No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without permission from the principal.
06. Students should wish and address their teachers and all the members of the school staff with due respect and politeness.
07. On their way to and from school students must behave in a gentlemanly manner.
08. The students found guilty will be fined for any damage made to the school property.
09. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their own books and belongings. Each article should be marked with the student’s name.
10. No collections should be made in the school without the permission of the principal.
11. It is compulsory that every student attending the school should take part in the curricular and extra-curricular activities.
12. At the end of each day’s work the thanks giving prayer should be said in the class under the guidance of the teacher.
13. Students should be neat and clean in person and in dress. Personal hygiene of each child will be checked every day.
14. Class rooms and premises should be kept clean.
15. Students should bring their text books and note books (well covered with brown paper) and other required articles such as pencil, pen, ruler etc. regularly.
16. Students should not wear ornaments at school.
17. The school shall not be held responsible for any illness, injury, accidents or mishap to any student. However utmost care will be taken by the staff. Parents should meet the expenses, if their children happened to be taken to hospital in emergency situations like sudden illness or accidents.
18. Report on the pupils conduct, punctuality, cleanliness behavior and progress in studies will be entered in the diary by the teachers concerned and which the parents may take note of,confirm by signatures and take necessary remedial measures.
19. Student should wish ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good after noon’ as the case may be, to each other, to the teachers and other respectable persons.
20. The guardians should see that the students are ready to board the school bus at the waiting points sharp at the scheduled time. They should await the return at the exact time.
21. It is compulsory that the pupils should bring a towel along with their lunch box.
22. Extent your help in keeping the classroom and the campus clean. Don’t scatter bits of paper on the floor. If you find any, remove them. Neither disfigure the walls nor damage the school furniture other properties. They are yours and you have to pass them on to your younger brothers and sisters. Report damage or losses immediately to the class teacher or Principal. Any damage will be made good by the person responsible.
23. Don't loiter outside while the school is in session.
24. While moving from one class to another take care not to disturb other classes. Always move in a line.
25. Bring only the prescribed text- books and note books.
26. Don't do anything that is derogatory to your self-respect.
27. Your work and conduct should be such that it brings good name to the school, and all open a bright future to you,
28. Carry out the instructions of Class-monitor, House leader and School Prefects.
29. Be an active participant even school activity.
30. It is the policy of the school to discourage private tuitions as a pupil should be able to progress in his work as a result of good teaching. When absolutely necessary parents may arrange tuition intimating the same to the school authorities.
31. Mobile Phone, CD, Pendrive or I-Pod or any type of electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited in the campus.
32. Any kind of ragging or manhandling are prohibited in the school campus.
33. Any sort of gift or rewards should not be given to the teaching / non teaching staff of the school.
34. Exchange of gifts or any other articles from the parents are not allowed.